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About Company

Our products are meant to create the perfect shine for your vehicle. Our range of sprays, shampoos, and shiners make sure your car or bike looks all new and glittery. While making your vehicle look great feels like the best thing to do, we go a step further.

We manufacture chain lubricant for motorcycles. Some people may feel that a chain lubricant is not as glamorous a necessity – to be mentioned alongside the above products. However, surely you will agree that this keeps the bike moving. Without it, a bike, howsoever glittery - will come to a grinding halt. Thus we offer complete automotive solutions – inside out. While our products are of the best quality, they are also available at the best prices. We strive to make our customers happy through our range of products and give them premium quality at economical prices. We endeavour to make luxury affordable!


Our mission is to promote automobile care through an excellent choice of products, backed by technical know-how and efficiency.


Our vision is to stay at the top of the automobile-care industry by creating more happy customers and robust products. We endeavour to give solutions to industry-challenges through our active research and development team.

The Team

We are a company which strives towards excellence by identifying unique customer needs. Our products give unmatched results, at an economical price. Our team consists of experts with specialist experience both in India and abroad. We wish to give customers, products that exceed their expectations. We have an unsurpassed track record, when it comes to customer service and quality.

Glaze is a brand of Glitter India which has established a reputation for excellent automobile care products. We strive to be the best in our domain and give the best to our business partners, employees, as well as the society at large.